Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week
International Psychogeriatric Association

Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week
1-10 October 2021

6 October

Welcome to day 6 of Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Week!

RECORDED PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE: "Mental healthcare services and advocacy for the older people amidst COVID crisis: Voices from South Asia"

We're also proud to present a special Spanish-language recorded program: "Resilencia ante los desastres: como ha sido afectada la salud mental en los adultos mayores"-

And below is a wonderful message of support from Miguel Ríos Campaña, a true "pioneer of rock and roll in Spain". Mr Rios has also granted us permission to show the video of his song "El Blues de la Tercera Edad" (The Third Age Blues) -

Video message of support
(Click here to download the English transcript)
El Blues de la Tercera Edad
(Click here to download the lyrics in English)